El Yunque

El Yunque plays a starring role in Miss Universe competition

Zurich/Switzerland — The New7Wonders of Nature campaign will be featured on an unusual stage this coming Monday, when Miss Puerto Rico competes in a spectacular gown depicting the natural beauty of El Yunque rainforest.

Several of Puerto Rico’s top designers have collaborated on the dress, which has a skirt that represents the forest’s mountains and is covered by some 5,000 leaves. Glittering crystals cascading down Miss Puerto Rico’s arms show the movement inherent in the rainforest’s many waterfalls.

Glittering crystals show the movement inherent in the rainforest's many waterfalls.
Glittering crystals show the movement inherent in the rainforest's many waterfalls.

The rare animals living in El Yunque are represented by the coqui, a small frog, and the Puerto Rican parrot. The rainforest’s bright, abundant flora is shown by five huge El Yunque orchids that rise from the dress’ shoulder, crafted of silk and hand painted. Media and commentators have praised the tasteful creativity of the El Yunque gown that Miss Puerto Rico, Mariana Vicente, will showcase Monday, August 23 at 21.00 local time.

El Yunque is one of the elite 28 Official Finalists currently in the final stage of the global race to choose the Official New7Wonders of Nature, in which more than one billion votes are expected to be cast.

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