New7Wonders Team

Bernard Weber, Zurich/MontrealFounder, New7Wonders Campaign
Director, New7Wonders Foundation
Prof. Dr. Felix Richner, ZurichDirector, New7Wonders Foundation
Jean-Paul de la Fuente, LondonHead of Value Development
Director New7Wonders Foundation

Patrons of New7Wonders

Dr. Bertrand Piccard, LausannePsychiatrist and world-record-holding balloonist
Dennis Hopper, Los AngelesFilm director and actor.
Sadly, Dennis passed away on 29 May 2010.

Team members

Simon Clegg, LondonLegal counsel
Eamonn Fitzgerald, MunichHead of Communications
Stephan Gilbert, MunichInternet consultant
Laurin Soares, MunichDesigner
Laurence Ciclet, MunichWebsite designer
Mariana Fried, ArgentinaExecutive Coordinator
Philipp Wellmer, MunichCommunity platforms
Lorenzo von Waberer, MunichGraphic design
Gabriela Taugwalder, ZurichTrademark lawyer
Joanna Trobe, LondonCommercial consultant
Martin MüllerAccounting
Pedro NunesAccounting
Lorenzo Perone, MunichProgrammer
Christian Rose, MunichProgrammer

New7Wonders of Nature Panel of Experts

Prof. Dr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, SpainChair of the New7Wonders of Nature Panel of Experts, Former Director-General of UNESCO.
Dr. John Francis, USAAn American environmentalist nicknamed “The Planetwalker”. He stopped riding in motorized vehicles from 1972 until 1994.
Simon King, Kenya/UKAn award-winning wildlife cameraman and television presenter. He is also on the advisory board of BBC Wildlife magazine.
Ana Paula Tavares, BrazilThe Senior Vice President Worldwide of Rainforest Alliance and a founding partner at New Frontiers Group.
Bernard Weber, Canada/SwitzerlandThe New7Wonders Founder has had a varied career as a filmmaker, museum curator, aviator, and explorer. Read his biography.
Rex Weyler, CanadaA journalist, ecologist and the co-founder of Greenpeace International.
Prof. Dr. Jan Zima, Czech RepublicMember of the Council of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

New7Wonders Panel of Experts

Prof. Dr. Federico Mayor, SpainChair of the New7Wonders Panel of Experts, Former Director-General of UNESCO.
Tadao Ando, JapanLeading Japanese architect.
1995 Pritzker Prize award winner
Yung Ho Chang, ChinaLeading Chinese architect. Now also Head of the Achitecture Department of MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Zaha Hadid, UKBorn in Irak, today one of the leading architects in the UK. Pritzker Prize winner in 2004.
Cesar Pelli, USA/ArgentinaArgentine-born, one of the world’s leading architects. Today practising out of the USA.
Harry Seidler, Australia/AustriaAustrian-born, he became Australia’s most prominent architect, building entire city centres in Sydney, Perth and in his home town Vienna.
Sadly, Harry passed away on 9 March 2006.
Aziz Tayob, South AfricaBlack Africa’s first licensed, professional architect. Made many contributions to the environment of the underprivileged in SA.

World Tour and Film Production

Uwe Bendixen
Gerald Morin
CMP GmbH Consultants and pre-production
Steffen Dubouis
Egon Braun
Frank Hackeschmidt
Khaled Abdel-Jabbar
Rodney Sewell
BFS Film editing
Rodney Sewell
Bernard Weber
Audra Shanley
Storyline and commentary text
Jean-Luc Julien
Thomas Lippl
Graphic animations and design
Lorenzo von Waberer
Logo design
Motoko Dobashi
Illustration Ancient 7 Wonders
New7Wonders Foundation
Afghanistan institute
, Switzerland
ETH Zurich
, Germany
Illustration 3D Bamiyan Buddha
Andreas Vollenweider
Stefan Zaradic
Julio Hotus
Zara Production
Audio design and Mix
Ivo TaschnerPost production
ELECTRO FILM, Unterföhring, Germany
With special thanks to
Prof. Federico Mayorfor lending his vast experience and know-how on culture to New7Wonders
Heidi Weber
for providing a fabulous home base for the New7Wonders Foundation
Jean-Paul de la Fuente
for commercial and strategic guidance
Angela Wilson
for her support on Internet and human resources
Urs Ziswiler
Swiss Ambassador for his continuous support

New7Wonders World Tour Team

Tia VieringHead of Communications
Markus Gilgen
Michael Dickinson
Coordination & Location manager
Volker Stapke
Dietrich Börgartz
Location managers
Hans Schiesser
Transport logistics
Patrik Schmidle
Hanspeter Arnold
Jürgen “Kilo” Hütten
Albrecht Fischer
Anulfo Gonzalez Redondo
Miguel Julia Garrido
Isaias Silva Solares
Khaled Shishani
Airship / Hot-air balloon pilots
Glenn Smith
Skywriter Sydney
Gefa-Flug, Germany
Airship builder
Schroeder fire balloons, Germany
Hot-air-balloon maker
Tramontana Translation
SeeTravel, Porto
Abreu International Travel
New7Wonders World Tour travel services

Official Hotel Partners

Yves Wencker
Commune by the Great Wall Kempinski, Badaling
Didier Lamoot
Sofitel Royal Angkor Resort, Siem Reap
Jitendra Sandhu
The Mughal, Agra
Jose Koechlin von Stein
Inkaterra, Machu Picchu
Fernando Barbachano
Mayaland Resort, Chichén Itzá

With thanks to the following contributors:

Miltos Kotzageridis
Genco Demirer
Prof. Ilber Ortayli
Mrs. Tulin Ersˆz
Hagia Sophia
David Burghardt
Antonio Stefanucci
Roman Colosseum
Ines Treffler
Neuschwanstein Castle
Fadilla Abdesselam
Eiffel Tower
Peter Carson
Rebecca Milton
Rollo Maughfling
and the Druids of Stonehenge
Dr. María Villafranca
Ana Fernández
Dong Yaohui
Han Guowei
Hu Yajun
Jin Hui
Liu Yan
Great Wall of China
Melanie Kohli
Abbott Seihan Mori
Murozaki Miyako
Koichi Kimura
Kiyomizu temple
Alexandra Rea
Sarah Grigg
Ian McManus
Prescilla, Queen of the Desert Musical
Sydney Opera House
Ros Borath
Colonel Mukesh and Ritu Yadav
Anita Yadav
Hon. Mrs. Ambika Soni
Taj Mahal
Baba Akhib Haidara
Haidara Moulaye El Bachir
Osama Dabbas
Mazen K. Homoud
Ziad Z. Hamzeh
Basel Ahmad
Nahla Abdoun
Kamal Okasha
Savio Neves
Paulo Senise
Andrea Raeder
Christ Redeemer
Mayor Edmundo Paoa
Christian Lobbe
Don Alberto Hotus
Julio Hotus
Joanna Pakomio
Easter Island
Moises Bendezu
Machu Picchu
Enrique Valdes Garcia
Alberto Hagar-Gonzales
Chichen Itza
Tony Staffieri
Chris Spring
The Circle Line 
Teachers and children from
the William C. McGinnis Middle School in Perth Amboy,
New Jersey and Public School 193 in Brooklyn, New York
Statue of Liberty

Official Declaration Event of the Official New 7 Wonders of the World in LISBON 07.07.2007

Prof. Diogo Freitas do Amaral
Commissioner for Lisbon / Portugal 07.07.2007
Paulo Pereira
Realizar Group, Director, Producer
Manuel Vaz
Realizar Group, Live Event Director
Joao Carlos OliveiraYoung & Rubicam Brands
Joao Carlos Silva
Young & Rubicam Brands
Ana Fernandes
Executive Producer
Paula Bessone
Production Manager
Joao Morais
Production Supervisor
Claudia Pimentel
Patricia Vaz
Filipa Oliveira
Production Assistants
Manuel Amaro da Costa
TV Directed by
Luis Pinto Enes
TV Producer
Jose Carreras
Dulce Puntes
Alessandro Safina
Joaquín Cortés
Jennifer Lopez
Performing artist
Ben Kingsley
Hilary Swank
Bipasha Basu
Neil Armstrong
Bertrand Piccard
Cristiano Ronaldo
Jose Carreras
Juliana & Ricardo, SOS-Children
Prof. Federico Mayor
Prof. Freitas do Amaral
Award Presenters
Bernard Weber
Representative New 7 Wonders Foundation
Amir Dossal
Representative The United Nations
Bernard Weber
Jean-Paul de la Fuente
Tia Viering
Scriptwriting of New 7 Wonders presentation
Tânia Cunha
Public Relations coordination
Cláudia Lopes
Media Office
Simone Sheffield
Talent Executive
Carlos Santos
Talent Director
Steve Burgess
Stage Manager
Pedro Lino
Stage Director
Jacques Lemay
Pedro Lino
Choreography Executive
José Mascarenhas
Choreography assistant
Mar Eguiluz
José Ramon – Giner
Multimedia Director
Joaquim Melo
Special effects Pirotechnics
Mike C
Rui Soares
Sound engineer
Telmo Ribeiro
Lights and Laser
Luis Sousa Lopes
Event Designer and Build up Coordinator
Ana Melo
Tiago Montenegro e Daniel Monteiro
Sérgio Vieira
Voluntary Director
Américo Martins
Security assistance coordination
Paulo Silva
Stadium Security coordination

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