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7 July message to the world from the Founder of New7Wonders, Bernard Weber

Bernard Weber at the New7Wonders headquarters by the lake in Zürich
Bernard Weber writing his 7 July message at the New7Wonders headquarters in Zürich

Zürich/Switzerland, 07.07.2011:
Dear Friends of New7Wonders,

As I sit here today at our New7Wonders headquarters by the lake in Zürich , we are celebrating two anniversaries dating back to 07.07.2007: The anniversary of the announcement of the start of our current New7Wonders of Nature campaign and, of course, the anniversary of the Official Declaration of the man-made New 7 Wonders of the World in Lisbon/Portugal.

I am pleased to see that many of the 28 New7Wonders of Nature Finalist supporters are campaigning energetically and promoting genuine participation in almost every corner of the world. With the New7Wonders of Nature, it has been my desire to stimulate individual and group initiatives, rather than to campaign for each Finalist myself as I did together with the New7Wonders team in our drive to elect the man-made New 7 Wonders of the World, declared four years ago today. You see, the main purpose of New7Wonders is to provide a platform for global participation.

You will have also noticed that in the past month we have radically changed our presence on the Internet. The idea behind this move is to integrate New7Wonders into the major social networks and content distribution platforms. The Internet has grown into a world of sharing information, as opposed to keeping ideas for oneself, and when these options for more openness were presented to me, I immediately decided that this was an exciting new way to go.

If you take the time now, please read our New7Wonders Charter, where you will find out more about what I mean by the sharing of information and ideas.

Finally, as the New7Wonders of Nature campaign enters its fifth year, I am also reminded of the importance time takes in making such an important decision as the one being made by this worldwide voting campaign. After all, by voting and participating in the New7Wonders of Nature you are creating Global Memory and you are making history!

With warm and wonderful regards

Bernard Weber

Founder – New7Wonders

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