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Masurian Lake District

Aleksander Kwaśniewski votes for the Masurian Lake District

 Former Polish president Aleksander Kwaśniewski voting.
Former Polish president Aleksander Kwaśniewski voting.

Aleksander Kwaśniewski, the former Polish president, has voted for the  Masurian Lake District, the Polish finalist in the New7Wonders of Nature competition.

Kwaśniewski also wrote a letter to the organizers of the campaign, in which he emphasized how unique the region is and how much pride it inspires among the people of Poland:

“Poland is the country of success. We have many assets  — great people, great locations and great achievements which make us proud.

Masuria is one of those great, unique locations. It is a true gem, a Wonder of Nature!

Discover Masuria and vote for it in the ‘New7Wonders of Nature’ campaign.”

Aleksander Kwaśniewski served two terms as the President of Poland (1995-2000 and 2000-2005). Today, he is a Distinguished Scholar in the Practice of Global Leadership at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., where he teaches about contemporary European politics and the trans-Atlantic relationship. He is also Chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, an organization that prepares recommendations for governments on improving interreligious and interethnic relations across the continent.

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