New7Wonders releases detailed chronology of events leading up to possible suspension of Komodo

In its continuing spirit of transparency and truth, New7Wonders today releases a detailed chronology of the events that have led to the situation concerning the possible suspension of Komodo, a Finalist in the Official New7Wonders of Nature campaign. The chronology is available now in Indonesian and English on a blog set up by enthusiastic Indonesians campaigning to save Komodo:

In this chronology, one can see that, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

– since 2009, has continued to make public, media and written statements in full support of securing the New7Wonders Official Host for Indonesia;
– since February 2010, has continued to make these statements and pledges, while being fully aware of the investment parameters;
– since March 2010, has apparently not followed due process with a Presidential Decree to secure the New7Wonders Official Host;
– in September 2010, recommended in writing the involvement of two private groups to help secure the Official Host, yet has failed to work constructively with these private groups since then;
– in October 2010, participated in official ministerial coordination meetings where the investment parameters were disclosed and reported publicly;
– since October 2010, has apparently not followed ministerial protocol in responding to requests from its more senior coordinating Ministry;
– on January 24, was notified in writing about the impending suspension process beginning on January 31, and during that week did not send any communication to New7Wonders to help stop this from happening;
– has frustrated and procrastinated over a process where it instead should have led positively in the interest of the country it is designed to serve.

The New 7 Wonders of Nature
The New 7 Wonders of Nature

Further, the chronology shows that a Private Consortium:

– on 9 December, signed a legally binding contract with New7Wonders, where it would be responsible and unconditionally for the terms of the contract;
– on 23 December, failed to meet an important contractual obligation for the first payment of the license fee;
– on January 17, was advised in writing about the impending suspension notification process beginning on January 24, and during that time did not send any communication to New7Wonders;
– remains contractually and legally obliged to honour the contract terms towards New7Wonders in full and without conditions.

Documents exist to support each and every element of the chronology, and will be disclosed if appropriate.

Commenting on the release of the chronological information, Eamonn Fitzgerald, spokesperson for New7Wonders, said, “Again we are taking the lead with transparency, where others are sometimes using misinformation to cover up for their own errors. We are showing that New7Wonders has always acted correctly and fairly, and the situation we are now in is forced by the events so clearly explained in the chronology.”

He concluded, “New7Wonders is ready now to forgive any mistakes made, and is willing to immediately resolve this matter positively, in full respect of its legal contractual rights and in line with the pledges made by the Indonesian government. We remain committed to a positive solution.”

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