New7Wonders Global Network Summit delegates

First New7Wonders Global Network Summit held in Bali

The first New7Wonders Global Network Summit was held at the weekend in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Participants included delegates from New Wonders host countries, the "W20": Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Suriname, Venezuela and Viet Nam.The New7Wonders…

Counting down to 11.11.11 in Tel Aviv

A giant counter showing the time left to vote in the New7Wonders of Nature can now be seen on top of the Azrieli Tower in Tel Aviv. When Israel's Tourism Minister, Stas Meseznikov, pressed a button last night, the top of the building lit up with a golden "616:45:38", indicating…
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Festival time for many New7Wonders of Nature fans

Many New7Wonders of Nature fans around the world are celebrating Eid al-Fitr this week, so to our friends in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, the UAE, Jordan, the Maldives, Palestine and many more countries, we send our best wishes.For the shared good of mankind, New7Wonders works to highlight the common ground…

New7Wonders and Friends of the Earth Middle East

At a meeting at the Dead Sea itself, the New7Wonders President and Founder Bernard Weber and New7Wonders Director Jean-Paul de la Fuente met with Friends of the Earth Middle East, including representatives of the three countries of Israel, Jordan and Palestine, to discuss the aligned interests of promoting the Dead…

New7Wonders official meetings in Jordan

A New7Wonders delegation led by N7W President and Founder Bernard Weber and N7W Director Jean-Paul de la Fuente met with Her Excellency Dr. Haifa Abu Gazaleh, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities in Jordan.During these meetings the strategy for the Dead Sea campaign in the New7Wonders of Nature was discussed,…

Jeju and Jordan compete and co-operate

The 35,224 fans who watched last Sunday's football game between South Korea and Jordan in the World Cup Stadium in Seoul saw the local team win 3-1. That was the competition. But there was also co-operation in the form of an announcement of mutual support for two of the Finalists…

Israel to promote the Dead Sea in New7Wonders of Nature campaign

The Israeli government today approved the recommendation of the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov to promote the candidacy of the Dead Sea in the New7Wonders of Nature campaign."There is enormous significance in both economic and image terms should the Dead Sea win an international…

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